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As someone who gets frustrated by the shopping process I can tell you that coming across someone as wonderful and understanding as Brittani was nothing short of a miracle. She is the most genuine and sweet person I think I’ve ever met! Brittani makes me feel good about my clothing purchases and even helps me puts outfits together for special events! She’s outstanding and I consider myself BLESSED to call her a friend!! If you are fortunate enough to shop with Britt then consider yourself super lucky! She is an example of how retailers and people in general should carry themselves. She’s got a long term customer in me! Thank you, Brittani for being absolutely fabulous!

Brooke Farrow from Richardson, TX

Brittani is the best consultant I have worked with. She remembers each clients sizing as well as what styles would look excellent for that client. She will advise on accessories for the fashion look the client would like to achieve. She often will try on sizes larger than her own to show clients how they look in her Lives or on her Facebook page. Brittani will also search if there is a style, pattern or color you want in a size she does not have. Customer service is (5 Star). Since Brittani has been my consultant, I have gotten numerous positive comments about my clothing styles and how I changed my whole look from middle aged drab to trendy. If you are an educator (or business employed) Lularoe has the most comfortable and stylish clothes for those long days as well as styles for the gym or casual wear. LulaRoe and Brittani make it so easy to be a fashionista!

Patricia Brown from New Cuyama, CA

I was first introduced to the world of Lularoe and Brittani Datu through a coworker, and life has never been the same! Brittani goes above-and-beyond to make sure I am totally satisfied in every way with each purchase. I’m always confident that I'll be comfortable and professional-looking when I wear one of my outfits to work. Not only do I have the best Lularoe dealer there is, I’ve also gained a good friend! 

Martha Taylor from Washoe Valley, NV

Shopping with Brittani is not like any other retailer. The amount of honest feedback you receive from her is comforting and you know you’re not just shopping with someone that just wants your money. She is always so flexible especially when you want to split your purchase and send to another person as a gift too! I have been shopping with Brittani since 2018 and have never had any issues. There was only two times that I needed to return something, due to my own issue of it not fitting right. Brittani makes you feel comfortable with your purchases and she is incredibly genuine! It's actually a community that you feel a part of when you buy here. The payment process is flawless, and getting your items quickly is never an issue. I can’t recommend shopping with her enough! You will not be disappointed in purchasing beautiful items from Brittani!

Sara Morell from Santa Maria, CA

I have had the pleasure of knowing Brittani for quite a few years. I had a LulaRoe fashion event for her and from there we became friends. Brittani has a special particular spark about her and knows her Lularoe clients and pieces very well. She has a knack for remembering sizes and styles that her clients love. My favorite is joining her Facebook "Live" shows because she makes it very interesting, fun and entertaining. She genuinely cares about her clients/friends. She doesn't just say the right things to make a sale. She truly wants her clients to look fabulous. Even though I haven't met many of her clients in person, I feel like I'm part of the "gang" when I see everyone on Facebook. Brittani has brought all of these ladies together because of her genuine personality. Periodically I see a fabulous staple piece that I just can't live without. Brittani is incredibly accommodating as well. I have had her drop off several pieces for me to try on and she will give me the best advice as far as size and fit. I am a fashion consultant with another company and Brittani has truly taught me quite a bit about style, fit, and sizes.

Jamie Vaughn from Reno, NV

I love Brittani's Boutique! She has a ton of choices in styles and sizes on hand so even though I am a larger size I am always able to find things I like that fit. One of the things I love about Brittani is her ability to remember things I got even 4 years ago and thereby help me in finding more items to wear together. She is the best at finding styles, patterns, colors that you want in your size if she doesn't have it! Love my LuLaRoe!

Gayle Bostwick from Conroe, TX

I have so many wonderful things to say about B! When I started my teaching career, I completely cleaned out my closet and wanted to start fresh. The trouble I had was that I didn’t want to have two separate wardrobes: one for teaching and one for everyday. Brittani has completely redone my closet! She has helped me style my clothes and step out of my comfort zone. She has helped with my sizing and remembers my style. Most importantly, she truly cares for her customers. She always has incredible deals, is super understanding and always goes above and beyond to show her customers how much they mean to her. Shopping with B has been fantastic, and I have never been disappointed!!

Savannah Parsons from Reno, NV

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